Percona Live 2016: Indexing Strategies and Tips for MongoDB

The second day at Percona Live 2016 is moving along, and there is just too much to see to get to it all. Percona acquired Tokutek last year and with it a MongoDB platform. I was interested in learning more about MongoDB this year at Percona Live 2016, and I’m not disappointed! There is at least one MongoDB lecture ever hour, along with a MongoDB 101 track led by Percona experts who take attendees through the fundamentals of MongoDB tools and techniques.

One of the MongoDB lectures I attended was lead by Kimberly Wilkins, Principal Engineer/Databases at ObjectRocket by Rackspace. Her lecture was titled Indexing Strategies and Tips for MongoDB. In this presentation, Kimberly covered general indexing, options, and strategies. With the new indexing improvements and changes in MongoDB 3.2, there are more indexing options than ever before – including automated index builds and partial indexes. After this talk, I was able to walk away with real world examples of index use cases for running at scale and for high performance that have been tested with multiple high-level clients in small to very large MongoDB databases.

After the talk, I was able to chat with Kimberly for a minute:

See the rest of the Percona Live 2016 schedule here.

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