A few administrative updates


I wanted to write a few administrative updates in one so I didn’t spam everyone’s feed readers too much. Here we go:

  • We’ve had reports of some lost comments.  We reported this via Twitter a while ago, but thought it was fixed.  We’ll try and pay more attention to spam filtering, but we wanted to reach out and say – let us know if you are one of the people having problems.  We’re listening.  (Of course if you have any suggestions on how to manage/filter through thousands of spam items/week, we’d like to know as well).
  • Pingbacks were recently dropped when we upgraded to WordPress 2.8.  Miss them?  We’ve turned them back on.
  • Our training sales for Santa Clara and San Francisco are going well.  As a result we’re planning to have an east coast location at some point in the future.  Please feel free to comment where you would like that to be!
  • We have notified the winners of of our training competition.  I wanted to share their comments:


  • And the last item is a reminder: the deadline for our early bird registration on training is Monday.


  1. brianb08 says

    Sheeri, Thanks for the info on the Boston MySQL User Group… wasn’t aware but will definitely check that out.

  2. yingkuan says

    >>>My favorite patch is “Micro second slow query patch” as it
    >>actively allows me to identify the queries
    >>which takes few seconds to execute ??? but their frequencies is just too high

    hah? I don’t understand why would micro second slow query patch help in this case.

  3. Morgan Tocker says

    @yingkuan – The microsecond slow query patch has no minimum threshold, so you can set it to zero and grab everything (we do this ourselves on customer machines).

    Commenters might suggest that this is what the general log is for (but this doesn’t work). Since the general log is used before the parser it can’t provide any execution statistics.

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