1. Vadim says

    There was comment from Mark Callaghan, by some reason our blog filtered it out:

    Welcome, Yasufumi. This is great news as Yasufumi was the first in the community to identify and fix the scalability problems in Innodb. Now I expect even more great work.

  2. Kevin Burton says

    Seems you have more hackers working on InnoDB at Percona than Oracle.

    Are those guys still in business?

    They get about 20 posts per months on their forums.

    An outsider might interpret that they don’t understand Open Source.

  3. says

    Congratulations to both Yasufumi and Percona!

    It is a pleasure to see Yasufumi joining the MySQL/InnoDB ecosystem. Yasufumi has written several patches to improve InnoDB’s scalability and has tracked down a serious bug in InnoDB-5.0.30 rw-lock implementation.

    To Kevin Burton I would like to assure that Innobase/Oracle has 8 developers working on InnoDB. We spend quite a lot of time handling the bug reports on InnoDB and InnoDB Plugin:

    We are today working towards the release of InnoDB Plugin 1.0.2. The InnoDB Plugin contains major new features like transparent zip compression of tables, and fast index creation.

    We are also working with Google engineers on scalability patches to InnoDB.

    Best regards,

    Heikki Tuuri
    Innobase Oy
    Oracle Corp.

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