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Expert Knowledge
“I'm really excited to see Percona's contributions to Drizzle. They were the first company to really innovate around the InnoDB technology and have proven themselves to be the most knowledgeable in the field.”
— Brian Aker, creator of Drizzle

Percona is the first Drizzle consulting company, offering Drizzle consulting services since Drizzle 7 was released as GA in early 2011.

Drizzle is a lightweight SQL database for the cloud and web. It supports modern Web standards such as the UTF8 character set, the IPv6 internet protocol, and LDAP authentication. Drizzle uses MySQL's ACID-compliant InnoDB storage engine. Legacy features from MySQL have been removed or rewritten, and all non-core functionality is built as plugins. This helps promote development of extensions while keeping the server's kernel clean and stable.

What's the advantage of working with Percona?

  • Pay as you go—and pay only for what you need
  • Global—we speak English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Lithuanian
  • Depth and breadth—we know everything needed to build an application, full-stack
  • Independent and objective—we are vendor-neutral, supporting any server on any platform
  • Scientific—read our white papers for examples
  • Expert knowledge—we develop our own server, so we know the server internals

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. It has saved many of our customers thousands of dollars. We deliver results fast, and we charge only for the work we actually perform.

Call us today to discuss our consulting services or to schedule a pre-sales call with a technical expert.

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