Using Percona Server as Database-as-a-Service on OpenStack

Cloud and Virtualization
24 April 1:00pm - 1:50pm @ Ballroom E

RedDwarf is a project to provide database-as-a-service (DBaaS) as part of the OpenStack open source cloud project.

HP Cloud Services is a leading contributor to OpenStack and to RedDwarf. HP Cloud Services runs a public cloud, and uses Percona Server as the database server enabled by it's DBaaS service.

In this session, you will learn how to sign up for for HPCloud and how to access and use the RedDwarf APIs to use and administer the features of Percona Server -as-a-service.


Mark Atwood
Director - Open Source Evangelism for HP Cloud Services, HP Cloud Services
Mark Atwood is a long term fan and proponent of open source. He has been a sysadmin who understands development, and while being a developer who understands sysadmining. He used to be part of Professional Services at MySQL Inc and Sun. He was cloud and open source evangelist for Sun and for Red Hat OpenShift, and now for HP Cloud and OpenStack.
Vipul Sabhaya
Lead Software Developer, HP
Vipul Sabhaya works in the HP Cloud Platform Services team out of Seattle as a Lead Software Developer. Vipul led the HP Cloud effort to get a Database as a Service product to Private Beta with Openstack RedDwarf. Vipul is excited about building awesome community-based Platform as a Service software on top of Openstack. Before joining HP Cloud, Vipul worked on architecture and development of Cloud-based B2B Integration Platform at Hubspan. Vipul graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Washington.
Jim Cooley
Director of Engineering, HP
Jim is the Director of Engineering for the the HP Cloud Services' managed database service based on Reddwarf and Openstack. Prior to joining HP, Jim was Sr Engineering Manager with Amazon Web Services for Elastic Block Storage and the Co-Founder and VP of Engineering of the wireless startup Zumobi. He is a long time proponent of open/shared software development. Prior to that, Jim spent over 11 years in a variety of senior technical roles at Microsoft, Aldus, and the Walt Disney Internet Group working with a broad array of products and technologies.