Fine Tuning Percona XtraBackup to your workload

24 April 11:10am - 12:00pm @ Ballroom D

Percona XtraBackup now has several features that allow for the parallel execution of data export, compression and encryption. I will explain the best ways to use the various XtraBackup features in order to get the ideal performance curve for your application.

In this talk I will cover:

- Comparison of the XtraBackup internal implementations of compression and encryption to common external utilities such as gzip, quicklz and gpg, complete with benchmarks.

- How to maximize XtraBackup resource usage through careful selection of parallel export, compression and encryption options including new memory usage controls. I will provide some simple architectural views of the XtraBackup internals and a wide range of benchmark results to help illustrate how the various options impact XtraBackup performance and system utilization.

- How backup target storage location effects XtraBackup performance and common approaches that can be taken to help reduce its impact.

- Cloud based storage solutions for your backup data and their possible impact on backup performance.


George Lorch
Software Engineer, Percona
I have been developing, supporting and directing software projects for the last 20 years. Prior to joining Percona in April of 2012 I was been mainly focused on Windows enterprise mail server development. Going further back I have been involved with a great variety of other projects including OS/X business apps; Windows and Linux kernel/network stack work focusing on protocol reverse engineering, classification and optimization; embedded micro-controller applications; some old DOS, OS/2, SCO and NeXT work.