From Crash to Testcase: a Debugging Primer

Database Administration
22 April 1:30pm - 4:30pm @ Ballroom D

(Or: how to get your bugs fixed really quickly and be loved by developers)

Your server crashed? Staring at lots of data in the error log but not sure how to go about it?

Roel, QA Lead at Percona (and previously a Senior QA engineer at Oracle), teaches you in this
information-packed session on what to do next time your server crashes!

  • See problems more clearly, instead of having to make "suspicions and speculations"
  • Reduce the time it takes developers to fix your bug - in almost every case
  • Understand how a problem correlates to your environment: a quick workaround may be possible
  • Ensure maximum uptime for your environment: know what pro-active measures to take

From crash to testcase. With in-depth focus on:

  • Problem to solution flow (with free cheat sheet!)
  • Optimized strategies for issue research, logging bugs, and more
  • Reading and analyzing error logs and crash reports
  • Coredump setup and analysis using gdb & WinDbg
  • LES (Last Executed Statement) analysis
  • Using the Random Query Generator
  • Valgrind analysis & tracking

And more!


Roel Van de Paar
Senior QA Lead, Percona, Percona
Roel leads Percona's QA team. He is also the inventor of the new pquery QA framework. Before coming to Percona, Roel contributed significantly to the QA infrastructure at Oracle. Roel has a varied background in IT, backed up by many industry leading certifications. He also enjoys time with God, his wife and 4 children, or heading out and about into nature.