Big Data with MySQL

Developing Applications
23 April 2:20pm - 3:10pm @ Ballroom B

When we talk about Big Data, we usually think "Hadoop". Hadoop is in fact a great technology to handle Big Data, but MySQL can also be used to manage a vast amount of structured data - that is, "structured Big Data".
In this session we will present how DBAs can use MySQL to handle billions or records, load and retrieve data with performance comparable or superior to commercial DB solutions with 10+ times higher costs. We will analyse how MyISAM, InnoDB, TokuDB and InfiniDB can solve, in different ways, real life problems in a very cost effective way, without the need of a large Hadoop infrastructure. We will see real examples and implementations, as well as comparisons of the various technologies.


Ivan Zoratti
Ivan is CTO at SkySQL Ab, where he also leads the engineering team and he is responsible for the vision and evolution of new database solutions and services. Prior to that, Ivan worked at MySQL AB / Sun / Oracle for 6 years. An IT veteran close to 30 years of experience, he has been founder and CTO of various companies, journalist and author of technical books and publications.