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Percona Phone Directory +1-888-401-3401

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Name Phone Extension Location
CEO Peter Zaitsev* 501 North Carolina
CTO Vadim Tkachenko* 502 California
COO Tom Basil 511 Maryland
CMO Terry Erisman 555 California
Executive Vice President of Sales Bill Schuler 516 Idaho
CFO Will Eglin 640 North Carolina
Director of Consulting Operations Ann Schlemmer 599 Oregon
Director of Technology Dave Manet 604 North Carolina
Vice President of Sales (EMEA) Dorothée Wuest 645 France
Director of Managed Services Jarrett Hardester 621 Montana
EVP Products & Services Rob Young 631 Kentucky
HR Manager Natalie Kesler 562 North Carolina
Director of Support Peter Farkas 565 Hungary
Director of Conferences Kortney Runyan 531 Colorado
Director of Contracts and Billing Mark Sexton 510 Virginia
Vice President of Consulting Matt Yonkovit 520 North Carolina
Director of Sales Nikki Morton 530 Canada
Director of Finance Svetlana Prozhogin 517 Washington

* Replies as circumstances allow, but no return call promised.

Other Useful Phone Numbers
Customer Care +1-888-401-3401 Ext. 3
Sales (USA) +1-888-316-9775
Sales (USA) +1-208-473-2904
Sales (UK) +44-208-133-0309
Training +1-855-55TRAIN
Training +1-925-271-5054
Emergency +1-877-862-4316
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Sales North America (888) 316-9775 or
(208) 473-2904
+44-208-133-0309 (UK)
0-800-051-8984 (UK Toll Free)
0-800-181-0665 (GER Toll Free)
More Numbers
Training (855) 55TRAIN or
(925) 271-5054


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