PostgreSQL Essentials Support

Percona Essentials Support is a highly responsive, effective, affordable option that ensures the continuous performance of your PostgreSQL deployments – on-premises or in the cloud. Our user-friendly support team is accessible 24x7x365 to help keep your databases running optimally. Percona support increases your uptime, makes you more productive and helps you resolve issues faster.

This per-month, per-server subscription provides 24x7x365 support for the number of production servers purchased using PostgreSQL.

All database servers in production must be included in your support subscription for applications using complex configurations such as multiple region DR or database clustering. Please refer to our support tiers and support policies pages for more information.

Our data is crucial to running our operation. We have a complicated interconnected customer, reservation, inventory, dry-cleaning, and shipping data that must be available at a minute’s notice. Percona’s solutions guarantee that it is – which keeps our applications and customers happy.

The following are also included in the subscription:

  • 60-minute response time on Severity 1 (urgent) issues
  • Standard HA (high availability)
  • Enterprise-ready tools support (hot backup, audit, etc.)
  • Installation and upgrade consultation
  • Web support
  • Five (5) named customer contacts

For Advanced, Premium and Flexible Pricing Server Support options please contact us.

Please choose your plan:


  • 1 server per month


  • Starting at 2 servers per month

  • Additional $325/each, up to 5


  • Starting at 6 servers per month
  • Additional $250/each, up to 10


Total: $400 /month

For annual pricing options and discounts please contact us.
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