Percona utilizes SSH keys as a secure method of connecting to your systems. These keys need to be changed periodically, similar to changing a password. Between now and December 31, Percona will be switching to a new SSH public key and discontinuing the use of our current SSH public key.

This change in SSH keys is not in response to any new or previously discovered security vulnerability, incident, or breach. Changing SSH keys periodically is a security best practice, the same as changing your passwords periodically. The longer an SSH Key (or password) is used, the higher the risk of the key being compromised. Changing the key periodically helps mitigate that risk. Even if the old key is compromised, it will be worthless if the old key has been replaced and is no longer in use.

When we switch to our new SSH public key, your system administrator will need to remove the old SSH key and install the new SSH key for any system which Percona previously was able to access. Installing the new SSH key is not sufficient. Failure to remove the old SSH key may allow it to be exploited in the future. We can provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the new key and remove the old key, if needed. However, Percona cannot do this. It must be done by your system administrator.

Instructions for removal of the old key and installation of the new key can be found here. An accompanying FAQ can be found here.