Take Control of Your Application Database Environment

Making sure that your business-critical applications run smoothly, meet customer performance expectations AND fall within the constraints of your budget can be daunting. But in order to be competitive, you need to deploy applications quickly, with little hassle, and make sure that they perform.

Your database environment is a key component to ensuring success. With many enterprises moving to the cloud, it’s more important than ever to make sure you maximize your environment while minimizing costs.

Percona is uniquely capable of helping organizations like yours make sure your MySQL®, MongoDB®, MariaDB®, PostgreSQL and other open source database environments match your business goals. Our best practices help companies of any size meet their business requirements so the user experience is never interrupted or delayed and that your database environment is well matched for both your application deployment and your budget.

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Matt Yonkovit, CXO at Percona shares how you can manage your database costs.

Combining Percona Managed Services with Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora enabled Lookout to shift its focus away from maintaining servers and worrying about data replication, towards delivering new features and capabilities to its customers.

Why Choose Percona to Reduce Costs and Complexity?

Our commitment to open source innovation maximizes business agility and flexibility for you.

We make sure you have the right solutions that fit your environment and business needs — you’re never locked into a proprietary solution stack that may or may not work for you.

Percona has over 15 years of experience supporting multi-vendor environments in the cloud and on-premises – which translates into better performance and availability, improved cost savings, and higher ROI for every customer.

Supported by Percona Experts

Percona offers a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective support, managed service or consulting plan to help maximize your organization’s deployment efficiency while minimizing costs.

Keep your database live

Maximize ROI and reduce costs

Before purchasing a proprietary solution stack, let Percona help you optimize your current database environment. We can find ways to save you money and improve ROI - ensuring you are making the most of what you already have. Not sure what your current costs are? Use one of our free tools to calculate your database costs and estimate any potential savings.

Keep your database live

Optimize database performance

Percona can help you get the best performance out of your applications. With our expert, single-source support for your multi-vendor database environment, we can make sure your infrastructure is designed to support critical business operations.

Keep your database live

All your needs in a single vendor

Consolidate your services into a single point of contact. Percona provides unbiased best-of-breed expertise in multiple open source databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Our partnerships with the major cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) give specific insight into what works best so you can reduce complexity and risks.

Keep your database live

Achieve cloud database performance

Are you getting the best performance out of your applications? Can your database environment help increase application performance? Percona experts can make sure to design and architect your backend infrastructure to meet the needs of dynamic, data-driven applications.

Keep your database live

Access enterprise-class support 24x7x365

Percona has 15 years of database expertise that includes support for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. We also support all major cloud vendors including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, including managed DBaaS platforms.

How Percona Can Help

Percona's experts can maximize your database performance with our open source database support, highly-rated training, managed services or professional services. For more information on our database services, contact us at +1-888-316-9775 (USA), +44 203 608 6727 (Europe) or have us reach out to you:

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