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Database Backup

Your business relies on data, which makes it valuable. Your critical databases and files need to be secured through regular backups, without disrupting access to your applications and information. You also need to ensure that should a crash happen, your databases can be safely restored with minimal or no data loss.

Based on our decades of operational experience, Percona experts can show you how to implement the tools and processes necessary to consistently run your on premise or cloud-based backups ─ or do it for you. Take advantage of the expertise of the Percona team and outsource the configuration, monitoring, and management of your backups to deploy seamless and efficient backups while preventing disruptions to your production environment. Your backup data sets will always be accessible and secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. Our team is also ready 24x7x365 to implement a full, partial, or point-in-time recovery to minimize your downtime and data loss on your production servers.

How Percona Can Help

Percona Consulting can help you determine a backup strategy for your business, or optimize your current one. Percona Support can help you in a crisis. If you lack the resources to manage your deployment, our Managed Services team can take over the full operation of your MySQL database backups. To discuss how Percona can help you make your Percona Server deployment a success, please call us at +1-888-316-9775 (USA), +44 203 608 6727 (Europe), or have us contact you.

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General Inquiries

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