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High Availability Database Infrastructure

Your business applications depend on data. Every minute of unplanned database downtime impacts your revenue and reputation, resulting in unsatisfied customers and a decline in market share. Your data must be available at all times, especially as you scale to meet increasing business goals.

High availability (HA) is one of the solutions to improve performance, avoid data outages, and survive failover with a guaranteed disaster recovery plan. Failover means that if your database crashes, it will failover to another server and continue to feed data to your applications.

Watch Percona Solution Engineer Rick Golba discuss how (and why) you implement high availability in a database environment:

A high availability database environment helps guarantee that your database doesn’t have a single point of failure, accommodates rapid growth, exponentially increasing database size, and enables the applications that power your business. It provides you with a high availability solution that guarantees your database server and your data is always available.

Percona Experts Can Move You to High Availability

Need to set up a high availability environment, but don’t know how to get there? Percona’s expert and industry-leading architecture consultants will analyze your business and application requirements to design, deploy and support a high availability data infrastructure with technologies such as:

  • DRBD
  • Replication
  • Clustering
  • SANs
  • HAProxy
  • High Availability Clusters
  • Failover Clusters
  • Availability Zones (AZ)
  • Load balancers

High Availability solutions ensure an available and fault-tolerant database. Whatever the platform or technology, Percona’s experts are your trusted advisors to building an optimized and available database environment.

  • Performance – Percona's experts can tune and optimize your high-performance database infrastructures to be highly available and help design systems that scale to accommodate new features and future growth.
  • Risk Management – Percona’s architecture consultants can design, deploy and support a database infrastructure that meets your business and application requirements, ensures performance and avoids outages through reliably failover.
  • Affordability – Percona’s simple contracts and flexible pricing lowers your TCO by combining your high availability and clustering needs with a single, enterprise-class vendor. By combining your architecture, consulting, and support needs, you can maximize and get a higher ROI on your investment.

To discuss how Percona Consulting can help with your design and architecture needs for your database and infrastructure, please call us at +1-888-316-9775 (USA), +44 203 608 6727 (Europe), or have us contact you:

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