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Database and Infrastructure Architecture and Design

Today’s users expect applications to be reliable and available at all times. Designing and architecting the database and infrastructure for dynamic, data-driven applications can be challenging. Fortunately, Percona experts are here to help design your database powered applications.

Percona’s architecture design consultants can provide a technical evaluation and architectural recommendation for your business applications by reviewing system components such as servers, storage devices, memory, and operating systems, as well as design database schema, storage engines, indexing strategies, and tuning parameters, that will deliver maximum uptime, accommodate growth and optimize backups.

If you are tasked with designing a relational database to power a new application, or with refining the architecture of an old one to meet new challenges, our experts can help you find the right design process to construct efficient and scalable open source database powered applications.

Our experts can help you understand:

  • Questions you should be asking about the performance, high availability, security and scalability of your applications
  • The design process and attributes for designing a database such as logical database design, physical database design, referential integrity, normalization rules and conceptual data model entities
  • Relationships between tables in a data model (e.g. one-to-many relationship, many-to-many relationship, entity-relationship diagram, etc.)
  • Tools and practices you should be aware of such as replication, clustering, caching and buffering
  • The most common software packages that enable you to implement these architecture patterns in your applications

To discuss how Percona Consulting can help with your design and architecture needs for your database schema and infrastructure, please call us at +1-888-316-9775 (USA), +44 203 608 6727 (Europe), or have us contact you:

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General Inquiries

For general inquiries about our open source software and database management tools, please send us your question and someone will contact you.