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Technologies Supported By Percona XtraBackup

Percona XtraBackup is free, open source software for hot backups for MySQL and related variants.


Supported Databases

Percona XtraBackup supports the following database servers:

  • MySQL®
  • MariaDB®
  • OurDelta
  • Percona Server

Supported Storage Engines

Percona XtraBackup supports non-blocking backups of the following storage engines:

  • InnoDB
  • XtraDB
  • HailDB

Percona XtraBackup can back up the following storage engines by briefly pausing writes at the end of the backup:

  • MyISAM
  • Merge
  • Archive, including partitioned tables, triggers, and database options.

Percona MySQL Support contracts include support for Percona XtraBackup. We recommend support for all critical production deployments.