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Percona Server 5.6

MySQL replacement : Percona Server

Percona Server 5.6 is the latest release of our enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL®. The new version offers all the improvements found in MySQL 5.6 Community Edition plus scalability, availability, backup, and security features found only in MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition, which requires a support contract from Oracle to access. Percona Server 5.6 is free, open source software which includes superior diagnostics and improved integration with other Percona software.

Enterprise Grade Features

Many features that are only in MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition are included in Percona Server 5.6 for free plus even greater diagnostics insights. Percona Server 5.6 is based on MySQL 5.6 Community Edition but Percona Server 5.6 also includes key features, which are only available in the MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition, that provide higher scalability, availability, backup flexibility, and security:

  • High Performance - The ThreadPool feature in Percona Server 5.6 mimics the same feature in the MySQL Enterprise Scalability solution for high performance when multiple threads are active
  • Powerful Backups - Percona Server 5.6 can use Percona XtraBackup which provides the same backup features available with MySQL Enterprise Backup including incremental backups and hot backups plus Percona XtraBackup provides additional features which are only available to Percona Server 5.6 users
  • Advanced Clustering - Percona Server 5.6 can easily be upgraded to Percona XtraDB Cluster to create a high availability MySQL cluster for free which is equivalent to the MySQL 5.6 Enterprise High Availability solution
  • High Security - Percona Server 5.6 includes the Percona PAM plugin which delivers the same user security capabilities as MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Security
  • Sophisticated Diagnostics - Percona Server 5.6 includes all of the diagnostics capabilities of MySQL Performance Schema. However, its also includes a User Stats feature which provides insights into user, index, and table activity. Percona Server 5.6 also has a Slow Query Log feature which can be fine-tuned to provide deep insights into query performance while minimizing system overhead.
  • Regulatory Compliance - The Percona Server 5.6 Audit Log feature was created by Percona to satisfy regulatory compliance and track the usage of sensitive data in a free, open source package. It provides capabilities which are similar to those found in MySQL® Enterprise Audit.

All of these enterprise-grade features, which are only available from Oracle with a Support contract and the MySQL Enterprise Edition, are free of charge to Percona Server 5.6 users. 

Read Percona Aims to Match Oracle MySQL with Percona Server 5.6 by Matt Aslett of 451 Research Group to learn his take on how Percona Server 5.6 has features designed to match capabilities only available to purchasers of MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition.

Highest Performance Available

Percona Server 5.6 provides better performance than MySQL Community Edition or MariaDB. Percona Server 5.6 is faster than MySQL Community Edition 5.6, Percona Server 5.5 or MariaDB 5.5 in a variety of common use scenarios. By removing many of the resource contentions that slow down MySQL Community Edition 5.6, Percona Server 5.6 shows significantly better performance with more than 150 concurrent threads and up to 4x better performance at 1,000 or more concurrent threads. In addition, the ThreadPool feature in Percona Server 5.6, which is only available in MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition, provides significant performance gains over MySQL 5.6 Community Edition in high R/W situations. All of which means your database can continue to run smoothly even when unexpected traffic spikes increase the load on your servers.

Used by the Largest Companies on the Internet

Percona Server is used by the largest companies on the Internet because they receive faster bug fixes and higher performance from Percona Server than from MySQL. In addition, the largest companies on the Internet have high performance requirements and often fund Percona to develop new performance-related features which are released to the MySQL community in Percona Server. These enhancements are often incorporated in the next major version of MySQL, as many Percona Server 5.5 performance features were rolled into MySQL 5.6, or are incorporated into the current version of MariaDB as they adopt Percona Server source code.

Unlocks Features in Percona XtraBackup

When Percona Server 5.6 is used with Percona XtraBackup, backup features are enabled which are otherwise unavailable. Features only available when using Percona Server with Percona XtraBackup include Fast Incremental Backups, a bitmap based backup that creates incremental backups faster than MySQL Enterprise Backup, and Archive Logs Backup, which allows users to keep a history of database changes for as long as desired and apply these changes to a second copy of data.

Drop-in Compatible with MySQL 5.6

Percona Server 5.6 is based on MySQL 5.6 Community Edition so it is fully drop-in compatible. Because future Percona Server 5.6 features will be refactored based on the then current version of MySQL 5.6, it will remain drop-in compatible in the future as well. Percona Server 5.6 is also more current than MySQL 5.6. Percona pushes out bug fixes and performance enhancements faster than Oracle does during their normal release cycle so Percona Server includes more bug fixes than MySQL. Because Percona works with many leading MySQL users who require outstanding performance, Percona Server 5.6 will include bug fixes and enhancements for high performance environments that may not appear in MySQL 5.6 in the future. For example, many Percona Server 5.5 performance enhancements were only rolled into MySQL during the 5.6 release and were never introduced in MySQL 5.5.

Security and Compliance

The Percona Audit Log asynchronously logs all queries and connections in order to “audit” Percona Server usage, without the overhead of the General Query Log. The Audit Log feature can be very beneficial for web applications that deal with sensitive data (e.g., credit card numbers or medical records) or require security compliance (e.g., HIPAA or SOX). Administrators of multi-tenant applications or MySQL-as-a-service can easily audit data access from a security and performance standpoint when using the Audit Log feature in Percona Server. The Audit Log is helpful for investigating and troubleshooting issues and auditing performance, too. The Audit Log can be dynamically enabled (not requiring a server restart) in Percona Server 5.6.  

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