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Percona Server with XtraDB on Flash

Percona Server has special features and performance enhancements for flash storage devices. Many databases designed before the availability of flash storage are unable to take advantage of its higher throughput and lower latency. The XtraDB storage engine is tuned for flash devices including SSD (solid-state disk), FusionIO, and Virident.

Optimized I/O Access Path
Percona Server with XtraDB includes optimizations to the way that the server accesses data on disk. These remove bottlenecks so that the server can take advantage of the high bandwidth that flash devices provide.
Support for Flash Cache
Percona Server with XtraDB supports Flash Cache, a second-level buffer pool cache that resides on flash storage to reduce the latency of disk access.
Flexible Page Size
Percona Server with XtraDB lets you change the data block size without recompiling the server, so you can match the page size to the storage device for optimal throughput and device longevity. In addition, standard InnoDB writes its logs in 512-byte chunks, but XtraDB permits tuning this block size.
Separate Doublewrite File
InnoDB and XtraDB use a so-called doublewrite area of the data file to prevent partial page writes in the event of a power loss. XtraDB lets you locate this in a separate file to take advantage of flash storage.