MyRocks is a MySQL storage engine that integrates with RocksDB, a Facebook open source project. It provides improved flash storage performance through efficiencies in reading, writing and storing data. Optimized for fast, low-latency storage, it’s ideal for today’s high-volume, write-intensive applications such as data aggregation, IoT, transaction logging, system monitoring, payment processing and billing systems. MyRocks requires less SSD storage space, provides more storage endurance, and ensures better IO capacity.

The MyRocks engine does not have separate binary releases. It is available as part of Percona Server for MySQL.

“The efficiency improvements in MyRocks make it a great complement to InnoDB. Including it in Percona Server for MySQL makes it possible for the MySQL community to use it. I am thrilled that we worked with Percona to make this possible.”

How Percona Can Help

Percona Consulting can help you determine if Percona Server with the MyRocks Storage Engine is the right solution for your company and if it is, help with your deployment, while ensuring optimal performance. Percona Support can ensure your deployment runs as expected and help you in a crisis. If you lack the resources to manage your deployment, our Managed Services team can take over the full operation of your database.

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