The Document-Centric Enterprise Database

MongoDB is a critical part of many enterprise application strategies. A significant number of the world’s largest companies employ MongoDB as an alternative to relational databases, where it acts as a solid foundation to support developing, testing, and launching applications to market.

With a flexible schema, natural high availability, and built-in horizontal scaling, MongoDB has often been considered the best big data solution among general-purpose databases.

The Needs of the Community

While MongoDB was once a favorite among the open source community, it is now a lot more centrally controlled than other databases. With MongoDB’s focus mainly on the Atlas platform, it leaves those that want to run hybrid systems at a disadvantage and searching for options to avoid being locked-in.

Community and Enterprise Together in One Solution

Percona Distribution for MongoDB is the only source available solution powerful enough for enterprise applications. Ensure data availability for your applications while improving security and simplifying the development of new applications in the most demanding public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

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