Effective August 1, 2020, Percona is moving the Percona Monitoring Plugins to end of life status. This means that no new versions, enhancements, bug fixes, or security updates will be released. The software will continue to be available at our download site (

The Monitoring Plugins provide a suite of predefined monitoring tools for use with other monitoring products. Since the release of Percona Monitoring and Management ( , the Monitoring Plugins became redundant.

We thank all of the users of Percona Monitoring Plugins for their support over the years and are happy to discuss alternatives. Please contact for more information.

Percona Monitoring Plugins are high-quality components to add enterprise-class MySQL® and MongoDB® monitoring and graphing capabilities to your existing on-premise monitoring solutions.

With over 165,000+ downloads, the components are delivered as data templates, plugins, and scripts that make it easy to monitor MySQL and MongoDB performance and are designed to integrate seamlessly with widely deployed solutions such as Nagios® and Cacti®.

Supported by Percona Experts

Whether you’re running MySQL or MongoDB, Percona offers a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective support, managed service or consulting plan to help you organization’s open source database deployment succeed.

Keep your database live

Comprehensive Open Source Coverage

Percona Monitoring Plugins are well documented and have a formal test suite to ensure the highest quality. In addition to MySQL and MongoDB, the plugins offer support for a wide range of software and systems commonly used with MySQL and MongoDB, such as web servers, caches, and operating systems.

Keep your database live

Available Everywhere and for Everyone

We make our MySQL and MongoDB monitoring service tools freely available as open source software under the GNU GPL. If you would like help setting up the components, integrating them into your environment, choosing alerts, optimizing performance or any other task, Percona Consulting and Support can help. In addition, Percona Monitoring Plugins are fully supported for Percona Support customers and free installation services are provided as part of some contracts.

Keep your database live

Anything You Need

If you need help creating custom graphs or plugins for monitoring MySQL database performance, or supporting a system not yet included with the plugins, then please contact us to discuss. We are happy to work with you to enrich the variety of software and systems that the monitoring plugins support.