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Percona Backup Service

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Percona Backup Service

Let the Percona Managed Services team worry about your MySQL backups and data recovery. Take advantage of the expertise of our team and outsource the configuration, monitoring, and management of your MySQL backups with the Percona Backup Service. Our team is also ready 24x7x365 to implement a full, partial, or point in time recovery to minimize your downtime and data loss on your production servers.

Reliable MySQL Backups

The Percona Backup Service team, which has decades of operational experience, ensures that your MySQL backups run smoothly and reliably. You provide the backup servers – on premise, in the cloud, or any combination. We implement the tools and processes to run your backups. We use widely adopted open source software solutions, some of which we created such as Percona XtraBackup. We install monitoring software to ensure your MySQL backups run as expected and alert our technical team to any current or potential issues. Our MySQL experts are on duty 24x7x365 to ensure your backups always run as planned.

Your MySQL backup data sets are secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. We use 256 bit encryption to meet or exceed common security and compliance requirements. Internal procedures ensure that your backups are managed with extreme care and are only stored safely on secure servers. Backups are available for on-demand recovery to comply with HIPAA, SOX, or PCI requirements.

Your backups are always easily accessible through your Percona Backup Service portal. The portal includes instructions on how to restore your data for routine purposes such as restoration of your development databases. 

Efficient MySQL Data Recovery

The Percona Backup Service team performs MySQL data recovery for your production issues. Percona technical experts respond within 30 minutes to recover your production data using best practices to ensure that your data is restored quickly and as completely as possible. We provide full, partial and point in time recovery options so we can recover:

  • Data back to the last full capture image
  • Specific tables which saves significant time when only a single table or set of tables needs to be recovered
  • Full data to a specific point in time which ensures an application can be recovered to the same state as when the data was lost

Unlike cloud-based backup typically included with MySQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings, we can recover specific tables and full data to a specific point in time because we create additional backup points.

Cost Effective and Highly Flexible

Our MySQL backup-as-a-service solution has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than managing your backups in-house. Our team is available 24x7x365 and spreads their time across many customers so the cost of the Percona Backup Service is lower than having someone on staff to manage your backups. We also use a proprietary backup approach which significantly reduces the size of your backup data set, requiring much less storage space than conventional methods.

The Percona Backup Service accommodates any combination of MySQL server and backup server locations. We can work with your MySQL server and backup servers on premise or in the cloud. We can even configure your backup to store one set on premise and one in the cloud for additional protection. You provide us with access to your MySQL servers and your backup servers and we install and configure the backup software needed to ensure that your data is securely backed up to the location you specify, readily available for recovery.

Our configuration flexibility can meet a wide range of data availability and budget needs. We provide guidance on backup best practices when configuring your system. However, you can specify a change to the default backup schedule to meet your needs. Whether you require more archived backups for added data security or you want to limit the number of archived backups to reduce storage costs, we can create a plan for you. 

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Learn more about our MySQL Backup Service solution. Contact us now to learn more about the Percona Backup Service and how we can ensure your backups are ready when you need them.