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Software Supported by Percona Support

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Percona Support for MySQL

Percona Support is available for all major MySQL variants running on a variety of supported Linux platforms and versions. We also provide assistance with some non-server programs including multiple Percona open source software solutions, command-line utilities distributed with the server, and MONyog Ultimate Edition and Severalnines Enterprise Edition (when included with a Support contract). Certain software packages are not covered - see the list below for details.

Database Servers

Percona MySQL Support covers the following database servers:

  • MySQL Community Edition, by Oracle®
  • Percona Server
  • Amazon® Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • MariaDB®

Non-Server Programs

The following non-server programs are covered:

  • The command-line utilities distributed with the server, such as mysqldump and mysqladmin
  • The Percona XtraBackup hot backup tool (supported platforms and versions)
  • The Percona Toolkit administration utilities (supported platforms and versions)
  • Percona Monitoring Plugins
  • MONyog Ultimate Edition (for Gold and Platinum Support customers)
  • Percona ClusterControl and Severalnines ClusterControl Enterprise Edition (available with optional HA coverage)

Excluded Software

Percona MySQL Support excludes coverage for:

  • The NDB Cluster database and storage engine (available with Percona Support for MySQL Clusters)
  • All graphical tools, such as MySQL Workbench
  • All proprietary or non-open-source software, such as MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Enterprise Backup (InnoDB Hot Backup)
  • All MySQL-related software from vendors other than Oracle, Percona, or MariaDB
  • All LAMP stack software, apart from MySQL

For most of these non-supported needs, use Percona MySQL Consulting instead. Talk to us for details.