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Percona Support Policies

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Percona Support for MySQL

The following policies apply to the Percona Support for MySQL service.

How do I use Support?

You can contact Percona engineers via telephone, chat programs, email, and our web interface tool. Support is provided 24×7 worldwide. See opening issues for ways to open a support incident.

Does Percona provide login troubleshooting?

Yes, we will login to your systems to help resolve issues more quickly. However, support engineers can only perform support-related tasks on the supported software. Support engineers cannot login and perform routine remote DBA tasks or help you with non-covered software, for example.

What types of incidents are covered?

In a nutshell, we will fix software that is not working correctly, and coach you in specific tasks with which you require help. More specifically, we provide:

  • Problem resolution support for the covered software, to diagnose and fix discrete problems with specific symptoms, when it is reasonable to believe that the problem is caused by the software's misbehavior. Examples include server crashes and wrong results to queries.
  • Advisory support to answer your specific questions about how to use the covered software. For example, we can assist you in writing queries, if you define the expected result of the query; or we can help you understand the purpose and behavior of a configuration option; or we can help you troubleshoot when you are unable to log into the server.
  • Data recovery for Gold Support in which we will assist in the recovery of your data from backups. This does not include assistance with data corruption or rebuilding your data. Platinum Support includes assistance with the recovery of data from backups and also assistance with the repair of corrupted tables or rebuilding of MySQL tables. While our consultants are experts in data recovery, we cannot provide a warranty on this work but we will do everything reasonable to assist you in these instances.

What types of incidents are not covered?

The following types of incidents are excluded.

  • Bug fixes for non-open-source versions of MySQL, such as OEM-licensed MySQL, or Amazon RDS for MySQL servers.
  • Performing tasks for you, rather than advising you in your efforts to perform them. For example, we can coach you on how to configure replication, but we will not set up replication for you.
  • Open-ended requests, such as reviewing a server to find whether anything is wrong with it. Each incident must be filed to resolve a pre-existing specific question or situation.
  • Architecture and design advice, such as choosing a good scaling strategy. This is a consulting request, not a support incident.

What platforms are supported?

Bug fixes are provided according to this list of supported platforms.

What kinds of bugs will Percona fix?

When requested, Percona will fix bugs that cause crashing, freezing, incorrect results, data corruption, performance problems, or security breaches. Bugs must be verified via repeatable test cases. Percona engineers can help you with creating test cases.

Sometimes it is not possible or feasible to fix a particular bug, but we will apply our best effort in good faith. If no fix is possible, we'll seek a workaround instead.

Percona can merge bug fixes from newer versions to older versions of MySQL, or undo fixes that were added in newer versions.

What is the difference between a bug fix and a hot-fix?

A bug fix will be included in the next released version of Percona Server, and you will need to upgrade after the release to receive the fix. A hot fix will be available to you more quickly, in a custom build of your current version of the server, and you will not need to upgrade server versions to receive the fix. We are unable to guarantee that bug fixes will be incorporated into Oracle's version of MySQL, but bug fixes will always be available for Oracle to adopt freely if they so choose.

What is the timing of bug fixes?

A bug fix will be included into the next scheduled release that is open for code changes. This may not be the immediate next release, because it may already be frozen or being built.

A hot fix is available to you more quickly, because it is a special build of the software product incorporating the fix you need. This lets you keep using exactly the same version plus just the bug fix you need.

All bug fixes by Percona are also made available at no charge to Oracle, Inc. to incorporate into their versions of MySQL. However, if and when these are accepted by Oracle is entirely outside of Percona's control. The same applies to other MySQL versions such as MariaDB by Monty Program, Inc.