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MySQL Monitoring Solutions

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Percona Support for MySQL

Percona Support now makes it easier to manage MySQL. Gold and Platinum Percona Support for MySQL now includes monitoring and management tools which put Percona’s deep MySQL operational expertise in your hands to provide visibility into problems before they happen and recommendations for how to resolve issues before they cause performance problems and impact your end users.

Percona has partnered with Webyog to provide Gold and Platinum Percona Support customers with a license for MONyog Ultimate, the leading MySQL monitoring and management tool. Percona Support customers also receive Percona Advisors for MONyog which is a set of rules, alerts, and recommended actions which ensure optimal performance of MySQL deployments. The standard MONyog dashboard is customized to provide the highest availability to the most crucial metrics with alerts set to flag metrics which exceed recommended limits.

Percona Advisors provides you with Percona’s accumulated knowledge of how to operate high performance MySQL. Percona Advisors is an installable set of rules, alerts, and recommended resolution steps for MONyog that provide deep insight and control over MySQL deployments. Percona Advisors deliver the accumulated knowledge of Percona’s Support, Consulting, and Remote DBA teams through the built-in alerts as well as advice for specific issues with links to relevant background information such as content on www.percona.com/blog. You will have visibility into problems before they happen and your systems will experience higher uptime and be more easily managed.

Percona Advisors for MONyog help make your MySQL environment more secure. Your risk of accidental or deliberate data loss is reduced by the checks on MySQL configuration and user permissions built into the Advisors. They also include up-to-date verifications on database security settings that are based on the most recent versions of MySQL.

MONyog Ultimate with Percona Advisors help MySQL DBAs be more productive. MONyog Ultimate with Percona Advisors provides powerful monitoring and management capabilities that help MySQL DBAs manage more servers, tune their servers, and fix problems with their database applications. MONyog Ultimate provides visibility into MySQL deployments through a customized Percona dashboard which displays the metrics needed to monitor for optimal MySQL performance. Beyond monitoring and trends analysis, you will benefit from features such as security and deadlock monitoring and can use tools for common tasks such as configuration and replication management.

Percona Support for high availability MySQL also includes use of Severalnines ClusterControl Enterprise Edition, a powerful solution for managing and monitoring any of the HA solutions covered by optional Percona Support plans.