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MySQL High Availability Cluster Monitoring Tools

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Percona Support for MySQL

Severalnines ClusterControl Enterprise Edition provides users of high availability (HA) clustering solutions with management and monitoring tools that are invaluable in administering an HA environment. It provides broad flexibility to deploy, monitor, and manage high availability MySQL clusters, supporting on-premise and Amazon Web Services deployments, as well as deployments spread across multiple cloud vendors such as cross-region, multi-datacenter setups. All Percona Support clients who opt for our High Availability support option are provided with a license for ClusterControl.

Severalnines ClusterControl Enterprise Edition can be used with Percona XtraDB Cluster, MySQL Cluster, MySQL Galera, MariaDB Galera Cluster, and MongoDB. We work with Severalnines to ensure full compatibility of ClusterControl Enterprise Edition with Percona XtraDB Cluster. If you choose Percona Support and opt for coverage of a high availability MySQL solution, you can install Severalnines ClusterControl Enterprise Edition and receive help from us with its configuration and administration during your subscription.

Severalnines ClusterControl offers a full range of management functionality for clusters, including:

  • On-premise or Amazon EC2 deployment
  • Host monitoring (CPU, RAM, disk, network)
  • Database metrics monitoring
  • Database resources monitoring
  • Cluster-wide query analysis
  • Schema management
  • A workload simulator
  • Manual start/stop of nodes
  • Process management and automated recovery
  • Configuration management
  • Addition or removal of nodes
  • Configurable resource thresholds
  • Alarms and email notifications
  • Database upgrades/downgrades
  • Backup scheduling
  • Cloning of clusters
  • Deployment of load balancers (HAProxy and Virtual IP)

Severalnines ClusterControl Enterprise Edition, the de-facto management solution for Galera-based clusters, provides the highest levels of monitoring and management capabilities for Percona XtraDB Cluster users.

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