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Custom Plugins for MySQL

Percona's developers are expert in creating MySQL extensions and plugins, such as UDFs. The MySQL server has a rich plugin mechanism that permits native-speed C and C++ plugins to be loaded without modifying the server itself. We can create high-quality, lightning-fast extensions that make your application's work more efficient and more convenient for developers. Examples include:

  • Create a new MySQL user-defined function (UDF), such as a custom string-replacement function.
  • Create a new INFORMATION_SCHEMA table.
  • Create a MySQL daemon plugin that runs a special-purpose thread inside the server.
  • Create a plugin that changes the full-text search parser, or pre-processes content before the full-text search parser indexes it.
  • Create, modify, or extend a pluggable storage engine that uses the MySQL storage engine API. (We wrote the initial version of the SphinxSE pluggable storage engine for Sphinx, for example.)

Why create a UDF or plugin instead of coding it as a stored procedure or in the application? In a word, speed! A MySQL UDF or plugin that is written in C can be much faster and more memory-efficient than stored routines, triggers, or stored procedures, and orders of magnitude more efficient than retrieving the data from MySQL and processing it in the application. It is often a good idea to prototype in a stored routine or stored procedure to define the requirements, and then replace it with a custom user-defined function written in C. Here is one success story of replacing a stored function with a custom UDF from Percona.

Costs will vary for each engagement, depending on its scope and complexity. To learn more, please contact us or click the button below and we will contact you promptly.