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MySQL Server Development

Percona developers are experts in MySQL®  and MariaDB® source code development. We solve difficult problems with custom patches, alterations to storage engines, and more. Our developers are not ordinary C++ programmers. They are leading experts in MySQL and MariaDB server development with especially deep knowledge of InnoDB internals. They are intimately familiar with the features of MySQL server and MariaDB server.

Examples of custom MySQL and MariaDB development services include:

  • Fix a bug that isn't getting fixed through regular MySQL development channels
  • Create a custom plugin for a user-defined function (UDF)
  • Backport changes to older MySQL or MariaDB versions to obtain a key patch without a full version upgrade
  • Customize MySQL for better performance with your specific workload
  • Develop or enhance a new feature or function
  • Implement a specialized storage engine

Costs will vary for each engagement, depending on its scope and complexity. To request a quote, please contact us.