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Custom MySQL Tools Development

Percona employs a talented team of senior software engineers to develop custom command-line tools for your MySQL administration needs. We build on a library of code that is subjected to an extensive test suite and is the foundation of the Percona Toolkit for MySQL. We can write tools in Perl, Bash, C, C++, and other languages if needed. Examples of customer success stories include:

  • A tool to inspect MySQL table schema, parse query logs, and output a machine-readable data structure showing data flow between applications, queries and tables. As a result, the client is able to answer questions such as "which applications need this column" and "from which other data is this column's data derived" when considering schema or application changes.
  • A tool to accept highly denormalized data uploads, inspect foreign key relationships between tables, and tranform the incoming data into normalized inserts into the normalized table structure.

Our test suite and rapid code development framework enable us to build high-quality, reliable, extensible MySQL tools in a fraction of the time and cost otherwise required.

We can also help you deploy and support Percona Toolkit for MySQL, fix bugs, add features, and integrate it with other systems. Examples of our Percona Toolkit services include:

  • Setting up continual data verification between a MySQL master and replica, including automatic repair of differences found
  • Integration with other tools such as Nagios and Cacti for graphing, trending, alerting, and monitoring
  • Tracking MySQL query performance over time and alerting when a query needs to be examined by your DBA or our experts. Queries merit investigation when their performance changes or when they have never been seen before. This can also be a great auditing and security mechanism.
  • Adding a reliable replication heartbeat to make it possible to measure replication delay accurately
  • Versioning your MySQL schema, users and permissions in a change control system
  • Setting up archiving, purging, and ETL processes
  • Custom data synchronization when MySQL replication is not flexible enough
  • Creating a delayed replica. This gives you a window of opportunity to restore functionality without needing to restore from the most recent backup. This can be very helpful in case of an accidental or malicious loss or change of data on a replication master.
  • Many other types of automation and administration jobs for MySQL databases

Don't bet your business on risky one-off scripts that seem easy at first but turn out to be dangerous and costly to develop and maintain. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help solve your custom tool development needs or click the button below and we will be in contact with you promptly.