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WebScaleSQL Consulting

WebScaleSQL is a collaborative effort by Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn engineers to create a better MySQL for web scale applications. The open source project accepts contributions to a common base of code changes to the upstream MySQL branch from each of the major collaborators. The project tracks the current major upstream release of MySQL.

We are MySQL performance experts and a long-time collaborator with the major web-scale MySQL users including the four companies leading this project. Percona is highly knowledgeable in the underlying MySQL technology as well as the contributions added to the WebScaleSQL variant of MySQL. Our highly knowledgeable Consulting team can provide you with help evaluating or deploying WebScaleSQL with a range of services:

  • Review your existing MySQL deployment to identify the benefits of WebScaleSQL for your organization
  • Help your team define the architecture and design of your new WebScaleSQL deployment
  • Evaluate high availability options for your WebScaleSQL deployment
  • Assist with Proof of Concept testing of your new WebScaleSQL databases
  • Review your existing WebScaleSQL deployment and identify opportunities to improve its performance

In addition to WebScaleSQL Consulting services, Percona can provide WebScaleSQL Support, Managed Services, and Training services to ensure that your organization is successful with this promising MySQL variant for web-scale applications.

Percona closely monitors developments in the WebScaleSQL project. Visit our MySQL Performance Blog to review our latest findings and thoughts on putting this technology to work for you. 

Contact us today to discuss our WebScaleSQL Consulting services or to schedule a pre-sales call with a technical expert or click the button below and we will contact you promptly.