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MySQL Performance Audits

A MySQL Performance Audit is a comprehensive review of your MySQL server: configuration, operating system, hardware configuration, application architecture, table design, indexing, queries, capacity, and scaling potential. If performance problems lie outside of MySQL, such as in your web server, we can usually diagnose that, too. Most MySQL Performance Audits lead to substantial performance gains. Audits can help when your MySQL application is already suffering performance problems or with finding performance problems that you are not aware of yet.

“The servers are performing spectacularly, despite continued amazing growth of our userbase. Percona, and your services in particular, have been the single greatest set of optimizations we’ve ever made to our servers, by far. Extremely cost effective!”

We inspect your system remotely and then communicate with you via phone, chat, and email. We begin with a kickoff call with your key technical staff to understand your goals and pain points. After that, our approach is like a physician trying to discover an undiagnosed malady. We scan for anomalies in every aspect of your MySQL server. We measure scientifically, prioritize opportunities for improvement, and investigate solutions. We then present any MySQL problems we find.

The thoroughness of the MySQL Performance Audit is up to you. You decide whether you want us to look but don't touch or fix things as we go and tell you about it later. Most MySQL systems need about 16 hours for a good audit and complex ones might need more. If your budget limits you, we will do our best in the time you desire, but five hours is the minimum length MySQL Performance Audit we will attempt.

If you are interested in a MySQL Performance Audit of your database system to identify any potential MySQL problems, you might like to read our white paper on Goal-Driven Performance Optimization, or our blog post about performance audits. You should also read Percona's Access Readiness Checklist. It details preparatory steps to avoid wasting billable time.

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