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Memcached Consulting

Memcached (also called memcache) is a high-performance key-value cache server that is a perfect complement to a relational database, especially MySQL.

Memcached can help speed up your applications by offloading intensive work from the database server. You can cache the results of queries, complex calculations, snippets of rendered HTML, user sessions, and many more common uses. Memcached is perfectly suited for dynamic web applications, which often have a very high ratio of reads to writes and transient data such as sessions and counters of "hot" content. Memcached help you store this non-transactional data outside of the database, where it is much easier and less expensive to work with.

Percona's consultants have many years of experience working with large-scale Memcached deployments. We are your one-stop shop for Memcached, from architecture and design, to integration with the application, to installation and operations, to tuning and performance optimization. We have even written advanced software tools — unique in the industry — which can perform tasks such as analyzing your Memcached traffic, to provide insight into how you use it, helping you find mistakes and inefficient patterns. Our Memcached consulting practice is consistent with our scientific approach to performance optimization: measure deeply, understand, target and eliminate inefficiency.

Give us a call today to discuss pricing and services, or to schedule a pre-sales call with a technical expert. Discover how we can help you save money, consolidate hardware, and improve your application's performance.