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Benchmark Testing

Percona has accomplished MySQL engineers with many years of industry experience. We have helped many companies understand the market conditions and technical viability of their software and hardware products. From database kernel design to innovative hardware appliances, we can help you succeed in a competitive marketplace. We've helped many customers steer away from dead-end product strategies and take advantage of market trends.

Our specialties are transactional database design, MySQL storage engine development, distributed systems, and solid-state (flash) storage.

We can run impartial benchmarks to evaluate and validate performance of products such as a custom storage engine or new hardware technology. We can help you develop and execute test suites or stress tests for verifying compatibility and correctness. We can even serve as outsourced development staff for some projects.

Customer success stories include:

  • Tokutek, creator of the patented TokuDB storage engine for MySQL, which uses fractal tree indexes to achieve high throughput even when the data is larger than memory. Read the benchmark analysis on our blog.
  • Virident, maker of the tachIOn flash PCI-E storage device. Read the benchmark analysis on our blog.
  • Cisco Systems, Inc, manufacturer of Cisco UCS next-generation commodity server platform. Read the benchmark analysis on our blog.
  • A column-oriented database, targeted at tens to hundreds of terabytes of data, retained Percona to write correctness and performance tests and benchmarks of theirs and several of their competitor's products
  • A stealth-mode startup creating an innovative microprocessor for executing SQL natively in silicon hired Percona to evaluate their product's performance and functionality
  • A major software and appliance manufacturer engaged Percona to develop a customized version of the MySQL database and InnoDB storage engine over a period of several years

Customers have commented that the publication of a report on our blog is the best marketing exposure they have ever received. The MySQL Performance Blog is renowned as a source of independent, technical benchmarks and insight. To keep the MySQL Performance Blog that way we permit customers veto right over publication of blog posts such as those linked above but we do not let customers edit the results of our benchmarks. We request that customers read our blog post on how we try to remain independent and neutral. It is important to set expectations about our relationship before we begin evaluationg your solution.

Costs depend on your project's scope and complexity. To learn more, please contact us or click the button below and we will be in contact with you promptly.