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MySQL Data Warehousing

MySQL was originally designed as a Web and OLTP database, but current technologies make it a usable choice for large-scale data warehousing projects (tens of terabytes). Percona's independent experts can advise you on the best technologies to use, their capabilities, and just as importantly, their limitations.

For very large-scale data warehouses, it is mandatory to use a column-oriented storage engine such as Infobright or InfiniDB. We have conducted extensive testing and benchmarking of these products, including quality and correctness testing. We are intimately familiar with their shortcomings, such as areas where they are incompatible with standard MySQL, queries they will not be able to execute efficiently, and queries for which they will actually return incorrect results. We are also familar with other column-oriented databases besides those available for MySQL, such as LucidDB and MonetDB (for example, see benchmarks of LucidDB, InfiniDB, and Infobright).

Percona employs several experts in design and implementation of large-scale data warehouses and data marts who can provide insightful advice on data warehouse configuration and data warehouse limitations. We can provide detailed input on the why, what and how of data warehouses for MySQL. Multiple Percona consultants have previously worked for leading third-party column-oriented MySQL-based storage engine vendors, so we know the products from the inside out. We also know a lot about integrating solutions such as ETL and BIRT applications (Talend, Jaspersoft, Pentaho Kettle) into an application. Our consultants have written open-source software to enhance MySQL's ability to function as a data warehouse, including the Flexviews add-on for creating and maintaining materialized views inside MySQL, which is used at a very large-scale Internet advertising company, among others.

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