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MySQL Outsourced DBA

You can hire a Percona MySQL consultant full-time or part-time to serve as your MySQL database administrator (DBA) remotely. Your Percona MySQL consultant can handle routine chores such as backups, replication, monitoring, installing new servers, tuning, indexing, and finding badly optimized queries within the framework of your specific environment during your remote DBA consulting engagement. They can also perform scheduled tasks such as moving data from production to development systems and executing scripts. Because you use a single Percona MySQL consultant, they can work with your existing MySQL databases and implement your organization's unique processes.

If your organization would like to outsource your MySQL DBA duties and the management of your systems, Percona can eliminate your need to hire full-time DBAs with our Percona Remote DBA service. The service is for organizations that would like to outsource most or all of their MySQL DBA needs and would like Percona to implement our best practices. We provide 24x7 monitoring and issue resolution to totally offload your MySQL DBA needs.

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