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MySQL Cluster Consulting

MySQL Cluster (also called MySQL NDB Cluster) is a unique technology that allows tremendous application scaling in an architecture with no single point of failure. This provides high availability and extreme performance for certain types of applications. Percona employs the world's leading experts in MySQL Cluster NDB technology.

Percona can help you in every stage of a MySQL NDB Cluster deployment:

  • Planning: we will analyze your MySQL schema, queries, and the overall requirements to determine if MySQL NDB Cluster is right for your application. The engagement will also provide advice on necessary hardware
  • Proof of concept: we will build a prototype of a MySQL NDB Cluster database so you can experiment with the technology before moving to production
  • Migration to production: we will help with your MySQL cluster setup by performing vital prerequisites such as setting up monitoring, alerting and backups for your MySQL cluster. We will perform failure tests to make sure everything reacts as expected when components fail.
  • Performance tuning: we will tune and optimize your MySQL cluster for maximum performance and reliability 
  • Ongoing Support: we will provide expert advice on your MySQL cluster in production including advice on further performance tuning considerations

MySQL NDB Cluster is not a general-purpose tool, and is not suited for every task. We will help you assess whether it's the right solution for you. It is typically excellent in telecommunications (ultra-fast primary key lookups and high availability), online gaming (scalability, high write throughput), LDAP (OpenLDAP via back-ndb scales to very large deployments with outstanding availability), and high-volume logging (low-latency, high-availability logging for tasks such as stock trading). It is generally suited for any application that requires a shared-nothing architecture with high write throughput, at very high concurrency on large data sizes, with no single point of failure.

Use cases where MySQL NDB Cluster is not well-suited include applications that perform large joins over many rows, or applications that require a specific transaction isolation level other than read-committed.

A MySQL NDB Cluster deployment is not to be taken lightly. NDB Cluster is a complex and difficult technology to deploy and manage, with many configuration parameters. Since NDB is a distributed system, tuning is sometimes counter-intuitive. It is also much more tightly coupled to the hardware and the operating system than other MySQL engines. Finally, there are relatively few professionals with MySQL NDB Cluster experience. Our consultants can help you evaluate your needs to determine whether other technologies for creating high availability MySQL clusters might be a better option in your use case such as the open source Percona XtraDB Cluster or Galera technology solutions.

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