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High Availability MySQL Design

Achieving true MySQL high availability means that your MySQL database can survive a disaster and recover quickly without losing data plus your application will meet your minimum performance requirements in normal operation, too. Percona employs world-class MySQL experts who can design and implement highly available, fault-tolerant, high-performance solutions for your MySQL databases and your whole application.

We know all the technologies for MySQL high availability: DRBD, replication, MySQL Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster, SANs, Heartbeat, LVS, HAProxy, load balancers, virtual IP address switching, cross-data-center failover, and read-write splitting.

We'll help you analyze your business and application requirements and choose a solution that is right for you. We'll help you from concept to deployment and support the solution when it goes into production. We'll also test it rigorously. True MySQL high availability solutions require full testing or they can cause more downtime than they prevent. You can even outsource operations to us by using the Percona Remote DBA service.

A typical consulting engagement moves through the following process:

  • Analysis - don't assume that an accepted “best practice” is best for you. We'll advise on the solutions and their benefits, drawbacks, and costs.
  • Planning - we'll help you plan the hardware, potential pitfalls, necessary application changes, and a test plan. We'll help you choose the right version of Percona Server, MySQL, or MariaDB.
  • Implementation - includes training your staff in how to administer and use your solution.
  • Testing - we put the new system through an extensive battery of tests that stresses the entire application (not just the HA components).
  • Go Live - we'll help you deploy your application with minimal downtime and ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
  • Post-Production Monitoring & Maintenance - our team remains available to help, even months after the project is completed.

Give us a call for expert help in deciding what MySQL high availability solution is right for you or click the button below and we will contact you promptly.