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Cloud Solutions for MySQL

The highly knowledgeable Percona MySQL Consulting team can help if you are:

  • Considering moving an application into the cloud
  • Considering building a new application in the cloud
  • Having MySQL® database performance problems with a current cloud-based application
  • Wondering which cloud hosting platform to use
  • Curious about how Percona Server, MySQL, or MariaDB® performs in the cloud

Cloud platforms make it difficult to precisely measure what is consuming time and resources, but we have the experience to overcome these obstacles and optimize your application's performance.

Percona MySQL Consultants are highly experienced in the popular cloud platforms, especially Amazon EC2®, Amazon RDS for MySQL, and Joyent. All of the cloud providers have benchmarks that show they are the best but we are independent and objective and we will tell you the truth about what to expect from the cloud. We'll tell you whether cloud hosting is a good fit for your application. We are especially good at making MySQL work well on cloud hosting such as Amazon EC2®, Amazon RDS for MySQL, Rackspace Cloud, HP Public Cloud, and Joyent.

Cloud computing's popularity right now makes it especially difficult to get truly independent and objective opinions about it. You can rely on us for the straight facts about cloud computing and the straight truth about the variety of cloud options available today.

Call us today to discuss pricing and services or to schedule a pre-sales call with a technical expert or click the button below and we will contact you promptly.