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Database Migrations to MySQL

Percona can help you evaluate and complete a migration (switch) from a proprietary database to any version of MySQL®. We are experienced with conversions from Oracle®, SQL Server®, DB2®, and Sybase®. Percona provides an unbiased source of advice. Our first question is whether MySQL is suitable for your application. Sometimes it is not.

If MySQL is suitable for your application — and in many cases it will work very well — then the chief benefit is the dramatic cost savings and reduced complexity of the database.

Important topics to consider include “how do I migrate stored procedures from Oracle,” “what is the best high availability strategy,” or “how do I manage monitoring, backups, and recovery?“

If migration seems right, we move from analysis through strategy, planning, testing, and finally the production implementation. Percona can provide high-level advice, or mentor your development team in MySQL best practices, or implement the whole migration hands-on ourselves.

A migration is not always simple. We perform complex analysis and planning, to ensure that your migration will go smoothly even if it's very involved.

Give us a call today to discuss pricing and services, or to schedule a pre-sales call with a technical expert. Discover how we can help you save money on a switch to MySQL.