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Percona Full Stack Coverage

MySQL® expertise put Percona on the map, particularly our expertise in the InnoDB storage engine, which is the backbone of all serious MySQL use. However many technologies are part of any successful MySQL project besides MySQL itself. Percona has broad expertise in most of them. We provide "whole stack" coverage, tuning each "instrument" in your MySQL "orchestra" to work together. We care about achieving your overall goals, not just your MySQL piece. There are no artificial boundaries when working with a Percona consultant. Below is a list of technologies we have successfully handled.

Database Servers

Storage Engines

  • MyISAM - Traditional storage engine with Table Locks and no transactions support
  • InnoDB - Native, Plug-In, & Embedded versions
  • XtraDB - Percona's enhanced transactional engine based on Innodb
  • Blackhole - Non-writable engine used in special replication-related situations
  • Federated - Disperses tables across multiple servers
  • Falcon - In memory engine (no longer under active development)
  • SphinxSE - Full text search engine
  • Maria - Transactional engine by Monty Program Ab, derived from MyISAM
  • PBXT - Transactional engine by Primebase
  • TokuDB - Storage engine that increases performance with fractal indexing technology

MySQL High Availability

Performance Enhancements Strategies

  • memcached - In-memory caching
  • MySQL Proxy - Load balancing, failover, query filtering & analysis utility

MySQL Replication & Backup

MySQL Utilities & Other

Hardware & Software Environment