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MySQL Architecture and Design

Percona MySQL Consulting can provide strategic advice on how to architect and design MySQL®, Percona Server, or MariaDB® systems, as well as high availability cluster solutions such as Percona XtraDB Cluser and MySQL Cluster. We deal with your system as a whole, covering all of its components, not just the MySQL database. Fitting the right pieces together in the right ways is crucial for your success as you define your MySQL database design.

Typical questions are how to plan ahead for maximum uptime, rapid growth, increasing data size, and realistic backups. Frequent MySQL topics are schema design, storage engines, indexing strategies, and tuning parameters. Non-database topics include servers, storage devices, memory, and operating systems. Other topics may include Nagios, memcached, DRBD, heartbeat, Percona Toolkit and other frequent components of successful MySQL installations.

Percona Consulting has been called in to help the largest companies on the Internet with MySQL design services. We often find significant opportunities to improve systems with architecture changes — sometimes large, sometimes small. We've even optimized the systems you've read about in books and found that they weren't quite as optimal as the books made them seem!

If you are involved in a MySQL architecture and design project, you might consider getting copies of our books High Performance MySQL and Web Operations. Both books contain excellent reference material on real-world systems architecture and design, without the hype about sharding or other buzzwords.

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