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MySQL Backups

Percona's consultants are expert in all aspects of backing up MySQL and MariaDB databases. We even created Percona XtraBackup, the world's only open source, hot backup solution for InnoDB databases.

If your organization has not yet setup backup, our MySQL consulting services can help you choose, implement, and test the best backup technology for your needs. The most common mistake when backing up MySQL databases is to concentrate on the backup, instead of recovery. If your backup cannot be restored, it is not a backup. Backups must be designed to balance the needs of the backup process (minimal interruption to service, disk space, encryption and compression, bandwidth, and so on) with those of the business during a disaster (e.g. time to restore, point-in-time recovery, and restarting replication).

Percona consultants have extensive field experience in creating reliable, high-performance backups. They also have just as much experience fixing other people's broken backups. We are the acknowledged experts in data recovery when backups don't work.

We are familiar with every reputable MySQL backup tool available and with lots of disreputable ones, too. We have years of experience with mysqldump, LVM and ZFS snapshots, InnoDB Hot Backup (ibbackup, now known as MySQL Enterprise Backup), R1Soft CDP, SAN snapshots, MySQL Cluster backups, Zmanda, and of course Percona XtraBackup, to name just a few. We know which ones work, which ones are just shiny interfaces, and which ones are not reliable. We know what they do behind the scenes and how this will impact your MySQL database operations.

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