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Flexible Support and Managed Service Bundles for MySQL® and MongoDB®

Flexible, Affordable Optimization and Support of Business Critical Data Environments

In today’s business environments companies that are agile have a distinct advantage. Unfortunately many support and managed service provider contracts lock you into rigid structures. This results in both difficulty reacting to changing market conditions that can slow you down and a “nickel and dime” experience that costs you for services not explicitly specified up front.

At Percona we understand that the ability to quickly adapt to and deal with changing conditions can be a competitive advantage. We also understand that database performance matters. In support of these ideas, we have created Percona Care.

Percona Care: a cost-effective services bundle

Percona Care allows you to redirect your day-to-day energies on your business, not your database. Percona Care:

  • Optimizes

    your critical database systems through a comprehensive performance audit and environment tuning

  • Supports

    your critical data environments with flexible options that leverage Percona’s broad array of consultants, developers and database administrators (DBAs) without expensive and irritating agreement modifications

  • Protects

    your data and business with a robust combination of clustering, backup and emergency break/fix services

Optimization for success

As data becomes a more critical component of success, businesses are finding that high performance databases are hard to build and keep tuned as requirements change. In addition, DBAs are hard to find—and even harder to keep. With Percona Care, no matter how big your website or embedded applications are, and no matter what your price point is, you can ensure that your database environment is fully optimized, always available, and supported by the most trusted team of developers and DBAs in the business.

The Bundle that fits your needs

With bundled options that range from a performance audit and an enterprise-class support package to full optimization, backup service, 24x7 management and on-site support; Percona Care can deliver what you need now and well into the future as your needs and requirements change.

The benefits of Percona Care are immediate, noticeable and long lasting—and they come at a price that is affordable, easily justified and matched to your budget and needs.

How Percona can help

Percona Care delivers immediate performance gains for your business-critical systems through problem diagnosis and optimized tuning. This ensures your systems remain running at peak performance with ongoing technical Support, Consulting and Managed Services options. And, you’ll have peace of mind that comes from a properly configured database and infrastructure and knowledge of problems that could impact availability or operations. You also have the added benefit of leveraging Percona Consulting and Managed Services solutions to augment and scale your current resources as new projects are added to support your own growing business or data management needs

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