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About Time Limits

Sometimes customers ask us to limit or cap the hours we spend on a task. We are glad to do this, but ask customers to understand the ramifications.

  1. Percona's acceptance of a cap is NOT a promise to complete your task in the amount of time you’ve allowed us. Rather we are agreeing to do everything we reasonably can within your limit.

  2. The time limit is applied to the entire process. Time spent communicating with you, arranging logins, studying your situation, and documenting outcomes all applies against your cap.

  3. In some situations we cannot know the scope of the work needed until we actually begin, so a cap would be like asking a surgeon to remove a brain tumor in a fixed amount of time. The surgeon may encounter things after the operation has begun that simply cannot be skipped. In such cases Percona's initial "exploratory surgery" might be capped, but the "actual surgery" cannot be capped.

  4. All caps represent Percona's good faith intent but are not strictly binding. For example, Percona will disregard any cap in situations where stopping work would render your production system non-functional. We will finish the job despite the cap and expect full payment for it.

Minimum Limit Allowed

The minimum hourly limit or cap allowed by Percona is four hours.

Managing Time Limits

You can specify a limit or cap to Percona's sales team at the outset of your contract. You can also instruct your consultant later on to impose a cap, but this request must be clearly stated in writing via an email in our Customer Support Portal (CSP).

The CSP sends automated notices when caps are nearly exhausted. You can then decide whether to extend your cap or to discontinue work. Again all instructions regarding a cap must be in writing via the CSP.

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