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Remote Access Overview

In normal cases Percona will access your systems by logging in from our login server, which has our SSH key loaded. This is a simple, secure, and fast way for us to reach your servers.

Alternative Remote Access

If you have different access requirements we will gladly comply, but it may cause our work to take longer and hence cost you more. This is particularly the case when we have to use:

  • A proprietary VPN
  • A browser-based or graphical remote access protocol
  • Any tool without a commandline interface
  • A custom virtual machine to satisfy your VPN

Single Login Account Strongly Preferred

We generally request that you grant a single login that can be shared among all of Percona's consultants. However we understand that some customers require access to be granted only to named individuals. This is fine, but again, it takes longer and is restrictive in the event of an emergency or need for another consultant to become involved. You must weigh these costs and restrictions against your needs.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to help in emergencies

if access is restricted. If access is limited, and consultants who don't have access are available, but it is non-working hours for the only consultants who have access, we may decline to disrupt their non-working hours to handle an emergency. We cannot put a few people on-call 24x7 simply because they are the only ones who have been granted access to your systems.

We will not share individually granted accounts among our consultants. Time spent on maintaining and documenting individualized accounts is billable.

Known Access Times

Our consultants have been instructed to explicitly schedule all time on your systems. You should always know in advance who will access your systems, when they will do it, and approximately when they should be finished.

Standby Assistance

It is usually good for your staff to be accessible on standby when we are accessing your systems. Clarifying information may be needed, or troubleshooting help in our gaining access.

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