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Remote Access Overview

In normal cases Percona engineers will access your systems by logging in from our bastions servers with their individual SSH key. This is a simple, secure, and fast way for us to reach your servers.

Alternative Remote Access

If you have different access requirements we will gladly comply where possible, however this may cause our work to take longer and hence cost you more. This is particularly the case when we have to use:

  • A proprietary VPN
  • A browser-based or graphical remote access protocol
  • Any tool without a commandline interface
  • A custom virtual machine to satisfy your VPN

Emergency Assistance

If access is restricted or limited to a small number of Percona experts, it is possible that Percona will not be able to service your emergency in a timely manner if remote access is required and those specific Percona experts are unavailable.

Percona Consulting services do not cover emergency service. Emergency service is handled by either Support or Managed Services.

Please note that Percona will not share individually granted accounts among other consultants. Percona Consulting does not operate a 24x7x365 on call rotation. If there is a desire for 24x7x365 availability with remote access, Percona Support or Managed Services can assist. Click here for more information. Time spent on maintaining and documenting individualized accounts is billable.

Known Access Times

Our consultants are instructed to schedule all time on your systems whenever possible . We will endeavor to ensure that you always know in advance who will access your systems, when they will do it and approximately when they should be finished.

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