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Encryption Keys

When you exchange information with us or give us access to your servers, please make sure you do it securely. Here are our encryption keys, which you can use to make sure your data stays safe.


You can permit SSH access with this key by placing it in .ssh/authorized_keys. We will log in from the IP address,, We will not use this IP address or SSH key if you require VPN access. If you use VPN, talk to your consultant about how to set up access.

You can run the following commands to install the SSH key. Become the user you want to grant access before running them:

mkdir -p ~/.ssh
chmod 700 ~/.ssh
touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
cat << EOF >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

We find that setting up this key can be tricky because of permissions issues and so forth. Running the above commands should work correctly. Be sure you do it as the user you want to grant access to! Please be sure you tell us the username we should log in as.

Please check that the key is installed in the correct home directory, is set to 600 permissions, has no extra line breaks, and that the user you've specified is in the SSH configuration's permitted user or permitted group list (if that is restricted.)

You can also download the key from this link.


If you must upload sensitive data to our servers securely for data recovery purposes, please request our GPG key, which will let you encrypt large files so only we can decrypt them.

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