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Billable Time

What Tasks Are Billable?

Anything done by Percona's consultants for the customer’s benefit is billable time. This includes:

  • Kickoff calls and general orientation
  • Project management work by Technical Account Managers
  • Establishing logins
  • Monitoring, research, and experimentation
  • Consultations with other experts
  • Composing emails, editing documentation, and drafting reports
  • Status update calls with customers
  • Orienting substitute coverage by another consultant during absences

How Is Billable Time Reported?

Customers receive weekly timesheets detailing all work done for them.

Are Pre-Sales Calls Billable?

No, but pre-sales calls with consultants are limited to 15 minutes.

Is Learning Time Billable?

If a consultant refreshes himself on a topic in which he should be expert, it is not billable. However, time spent learning obscure, infrequently seen, or undocumented topics is billable.

Is On Call Time Billable?

Yes, at a reduced rate.

Are Mistakes by Percona Billable?

No. Our mistakes are few, but when they happen we do not bill customers for wasted time we cause.

Is Billable Time Rounded?

Yes. For any work done outside of pre-scheduled blocks of time, time is billed in 15-minute increments rounded once daily. For example if two units of work were done, one for 5 minutes and one for 35 minutes, 35 + 5 = 40. This would be rounded up to 45 minutes billable that day.

Am I Billed for Unused Appointment Time?

Yes. We devote our consultant’s time 100% to your needs during his scheduled time. Please plan ahead and make complete use of this opportunity.

Am I Billed for Cancelled Appointments?

No - if you cancel two full business days (> 48 hours) in advance. Yes - if you cancel with less advance notice. Contact Percona the same way as when scheduling an appointment.

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