Percona white papers present information on a variety of topics, such as in-depth analyses and recommendations for common issues faced by database developers and administrators. The results of our benchmarking tests on software and hardware solutions are also presented. Where appropriate, Percona white papers present best practice recommendations that are based on our in-depth experience developed through working with leading technology users.

Early Database Architecture Decisions Can Limit (or Kill) Future Growth

Today’s enterprises depend more and more on business-critical applications and websites. Understanding how your database affects your application performance is vital to achieving business goals.

MariaDBPostgreSQLMongoDBMySQLDatabase InfrastructureDEPRECATED: Infrastructure and Design

Performance at Scale: Keeping Your Database on Its Toes

Will your database performance meet your business growth needs?

MariaDBMongoDBMySQLScalabilityDEPRECATED: Highly Available Data InfrastructureDEPRECATED: Infrastructure and DesignPerformance Optimization

Database in the Cloud: How to Make Your Cloud Database Environments Soar (or Sore)

Today, keeping your enterprise agile and flexible is not just an advantage, it is a requirement.

MongoDBMySQLDEPRECATED: Highly Available Data InfrastructureDEPRECATED: Infrastructure and DesignCloud