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  Wednesday, April 8, 2020    Jobin Augustine

The adoption and market share of PostgreSQL is growing at a rapid rate. And it's not just new installations or applications - there are huge levels of migrations happening from other database systems as well. We will discuss the reasons for selection and migration to PostgreSQL, why it's becoming a preferred open-source database and demonstrate simple migration using Oracle_FDW.

This talk covers:

• Major Trends today
• Management / Executive reasons
• Developer/Technology Reasons
• Operations Reasons
• Architect’s Reasons
• Community Reasons
• PostgreSQL and Opensource ecosystem influence
• Govt and Security reasons
• Migration tools and frameworks

About the Author

Jobin Augustine

I have been supporting various database systems for the last 17 years. I am an active member of the PostgreSQL community in India and participated as speaker and trainer in last pgConf India. I was working as an Architect in OpenSCG for the last couple of years which was taken over by Amazon recently. I was actively involved in the opensource project BigSQL-A PostgreSQL distribution to make PostgreSQL more developer friendly. I´m enthusiastic about joining this team and a great Open Source company.