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  Monday, May 11, 2020    Alkin Tezuysal, Sugu Sougoumarane

During this joint webinar our speakers, Alkin Tezuysal, Technical Expert at Percona and Sugu Sougoumarane, Co-Founder and CTO at PlanetScale will provide attendees with hands-on experience using Vitess using Kubernetes. They will start by providing a quick overview of Vitess - including key concepts and terminology, and then describe the deployment options for both in Kubernetes.

    The hands-on exercises will cover many of the key workflows with running a sharded system:
  • Moving from an unsharded system to a vertical split one (moving some tables to a different host)
  • Sharding large tables across several instances
  • Backups, Recoveries, and failovers (both planned and unplanned)

Attendees are not expected to have any prior experience with Vitess but will find it useful if they have prior experience completing these tasks in a MySQL environment and general know-how on Kubernetes operations.

The tutorial will be in three parts as follows:

    Introduction to Vitess
  • History and background
    Setting up Vitess in Kubernetes
  • Initial deployment and configurations
  • Management
  • Workflow
  • Scalability
    Operational tasks with Vitess
  • Vertical Split
  • Horizontal Split
  • Shard Management
  • Performance Considerations
  • Schema Changes

About the Authors

Alkin Tezuysal

Alkin has extensive experience in enterprise relational databases working in various sectors for large corporations. With more then 20 years of industry experience he has acquired skills for managing large projects from ground up to production. For the past six years he's been focusing on e-commerce, SaaS and MySQL technologies. He managed and architected database topologies for high volume site at eBay Intl. He has several years of experience on 24X7 support and operational tasks as well as improving database systems for major companies. He has led MySQL global operations team on Tier 1/2 support for MySQL customers. Recently joined Percona's expert technical management team.



Sugu Sougoumarane

Sugu is the co-creator of Vitess, and has been working on it since 2010. Prior to Vitess, Sugu worked on scalability at YouTube and was also part of PayPal in the early days. His recent interest is in distributed systems and consensus algorithms. He occasionally shares his thoughts on his blog